Eagle Valley wood pellets are manufactured by Princeton Co-Generation Corporation.

The product is more than 90% White Pine, with the balance White Fir at times.  Once entering the process - the wood fibre is hammered prior to entering the drying process.  Drying occurs inside a rotary kiln. The inlet temperature is 700-800 degrees F with the retention time of approximately 15-20 minutes prior to exiting at approximately 170-200 degrees F within 10-15 minutes from exiting dryer.  It is still at a temperature above 150 degrees F. The sawdust is introduced into the pellet mills where it is subjected to 30,000 plus PSI.  This pressure is required in order to liquefy the lignums in wood to naturally bind the fibre into the pellet form.  Wood pellets exit the pellet mills at approximately 150 degrees F. At no point anywhere in the process is any other substance introduced into the raw material stream or the pellet.  Eagle Valley Stove Pellets are 100% wood.  The product has been subjected to both extreme temperature and pressure.

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